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To satisfy my creative impulses outside of my professional work, I sometimes partner with innovative startups to assist with their growth.

Loc: Ukraine, North America

GIOS EDtech, based out of Kyiv, Ukraine, is a unique Tiktok-style content company that wanted to scale its product into North America. The objective was to get teachers registered and students to subscribe to the Maths yearly program. Achieved MOM Growth of 300% on Platforms Linkedin, Meta Ads & Google Ads.


Loc: North America

USA-based pet grooming equipment & supplies provider wanted to scale ROAS, Orders keeping the budgets stable, which was achieved after constant effort changing the structure of campaigns and optimisation. Achieved ROAS of around 300-500% on Google Ads Mainly Shopping & Pmax.


Loc: Pan-India

India-based startup vegan cosmetics brand for men wanted to scale their business from aggregators Flipkart & Amazon to Google ads, Meta & Snap, which was achieved with stable ROAS in between 200-600%


Loc: Pan-India

India's first plastic-free chewing gum!,  Regular chewing gums are fully plastic! Most of us don't even know what chewing gums are made of. They're made of the same ingredients as tyres, glue & other AWFUL PLASTIC stuff!. Scaling brand on Amazon, Flipkart, Meta Ads & Google Ads. Current Overall ROAS 300%.


Loc: Pan-India

100% Job-oriented VLSI Training programs institute based out of Bengaluru, India, offering online offline programs and scaling towards high-quality leads on platforms like Google and meta ads. 

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